2. Stabæk Fotball – Alltid. Uansett

Kappitel To - BakhistorienChapter Two - The Back Story Location, Location, Location. Twenty minutes west of Oslo’s busy city centre lies the Nadderud Stadion, home of Stabæk Fotball and the home of my blog this year. In real life Stabæk are already well into the process of building a new Nadderud and at some point … Continue reading 2. Stabæk Fotball – Alltid. Uansett


Domination – “A dominating or being dominated; rule; control; ascendancy.” The Primeira Liga (Liga Portugal 1) was founded in 1934, in that time over 70 clubs have competed, shockingly only five of these clubs have ever been crowned champions (as a contrast, whilst over a larger period of time since 1892, 20 clubs have won … Continue reading A NEW HOPE.