HELLO DATA HUB. The winter break is here, and with half the season down, I think it’s time to properly delve into the Data Hub for the first time. After the initial buzz of seeing the Wide Centre-Back added to FM22, the Data Hub became the headline feature I was most looking forward to having … Continue reading 1.2 | MID-SEASON ANALYSIS


SYSTEMS. ‘The evolution of tactical systems is also something that’s being worked on right now. Three at the back is a system that’s being talked about amongst the FA coaches a lot. German football is very professional like that, very good at looking at the finer points that can give you an advantage. You’ll always … Continue reading 0.4 | TACTICAL SETUP


TIME TO WORK. Now that the full release is here, I guess I better have a look at what I’ve got to work with. The media prediction for Volendam is third, but the bookies make us 8th favourites and the board want a mid-table finish. Since I’m new to the division and can’t rely on … Continue reading 0.3 | SQUAD ANALYSIS


IDENTITY. Identity is talked about a lot in football, especially lately. Poor old Ole Gunnar Solskjær probably twitches when he hears the word, such is the heat he’s getting about his lack of it. As I mentioned in 0.1 | De Herstart, one of the first things I’ll set out to achieve at Volendam is … Continue reading 0.2 | ESTABLISHING A DNA


SHIT. I haven’t slept so well for the past few nights. Thoughts have been swirling around in my head, the last few days have been kind of surreal. I’ve agreed to take my first ever job in management, and I really don’t feel ready. The fact that the club aren’t ready to announce it yet … Continue reading WHO AM I KIDDING?


WELKOM. I’ve never been so ready, or so prepared(!) for a new edition of Football Manager. The 2022 iteration will soon be with us, and so I felt it’s time to talk a bit about who I plan to manage and what my plans for the save are. I revealed the side I’d be managing … Continue reading 0.1 | DE HERSTART


‘Where were you when Beckham scored from the half-way line?’‘Where were you when Germany beat Brazil 7-1?‘‘Where were you when Zidane headbutted Materazzi?’ Football fans ask the question a lot, where were you when…? Iconic moments, both good and bad, not only become important enough to live long in the memory, but have such a … Continue reading WHERE WERE YOU WHEN…