6. Stabæk Fotball – Alltid. Uansett

Kappitel Seks - FremdriftsrapportChapter Six - Progress Report In-game date: Saturday July 9th, 2022 Authors Note By now you'll be well aware of the chaos that has happened in this save since my last blog post. I had to do some emergency surgery of sorts and the post that I had planned to write got … Continue reading 6. Stabæk Fotball – Alltid. Uansett



Domination – “A dominating or being dominated; rule; control; ascendancy.” The Primeira Liga (Liga Portugal 1) was founded in 1934, in that time over 70 clubs have competed, shockingly only five of these clubs have ever been crowned champions (as a contrast, whilst over a larger period of time since 1892, 20 clubs have won … Continue reading A NEW HOPE.