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In the aftermath of a treble-winning season, Kazan partied for weeks to come. Paraded around as legends, the full team took the chance to soak in the atmosphere and their accomplishments. It wasn’t pretty, but it was a historic season. Daniil was enjoying the celebrations, but he couldn’t help but overthink the situation at hand. … Continue reading #23 – A NEW CHAPTER…


As previously mentioned in #2 – Getting My Bering Strait, I had a clear pathway for Daniil Murayvoy to follow on his journey from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. However, due to circumstances involving certain teams, one opportunity presented itself that proved to be good to turn down. My concern surrounding turning it down was the issue … Continue reading #16 – CHANGE IS… GOOD?


Before Daniil could send his players off for a break he had four games to prepare his boys for; Lokomotiv and Dinamo to round off the three consecutive matches against Moscow opposition, before facing Akhmat and Zenit. Knowing not to expect too much from these games, Daniil was instructing his players to make the most … Continue reading #12 – THE END OF A CHAPTER


After discussing all things FM with a friend over the weekend, I was brought right up to date with his Deportivo de La Coruña save, and the concept gripped my interest. I watched a lot of WorkTheSpace’s Park to Primera during the summer, and with the league restructure, I fancied starting a non-blog save with Racing Santander … Continue reading THE ENGANCHE


14th June 2021 – 07:30 (GMT+10) Daniil eagerly jumped out of bed at the sound of his alarm; today was the big day. Making the executive decision to skip his university lectures for one day, and one day only, Daniil had a potentially life-changing interview to prepare for. It had only been a week since … Continue reading #4 – A NEW BEGINNING


In the middle of Vladivostok, a monument overlooks the Zolotoy Rog Bay; the old foundations of the city’s military outpost centuries ago. The monument was erected to honour one of Russia’s most prominent statesmen, who was vital in Russia’s Far East history.  Nikolay Muravyov has his own monument in his own park in Vladivostok, but … Continue reading #3 – ANCESTRAL GUIDANCE