Hey there! Welcome to On The Break, a Football Manager dedicated blog.

I’m Adam, and I’ve been playing management sims for over 20 years now, starting with the very first iteration of LMA Manager on the Playstation! I owned and played every edition of LMA, from 1999 right through to 2007, meaning I was more console than PC in the Championship Manager days, although I still spent countless hours on 01/02, 03/04 and CM4. By the time Football Manager became a franchise in 2005, I was hooked on the amount of depth to the game and the inherent spreadsheet feel, and I’ve since owned and played every single release, although the years of 2012-2014 live on in spirit as they’re stuck in my lost Steam account. 😭

My favourite thing about Football Manager was, and still is, the fact that a franchise with no built in story telling can produce such wonderful narratives. We’ve all been told it’s just a bunch of dots… Well yes it is, but my god can you fall in love with those dots!

I started sharing my stories and saves with anybody who would listen years ago, starting on the old Codemasters forums with my LMA saves, although once that forum closed I stopped, as I had no idea where to go for Football Manager stories. After a few years away, still hoping there were people wanting to hear my tales, I found the FM community. This rekindled my desire to produce narratives that I, and hopefully you, will enjoy and remember. My favourite ever FM tale involves the legend of Shane Paul, which I implore you all to check out, as it’s the type of storyline that I’d love to emulate.

As the blog has evolved, I’ve been lucky enough to secure some really talented guest authors, but more importantly great guys, who share a passion for both Football Manager and for writing, so please go and check out Chris, Andrew, and Owen’s work in the Guest Authors section!

I’d love to interact with as many people as possible, so feel free to leave any questions or thoughts in the comments of each post here on the site, by email at onthebreakfm@gmail.com, or over on Twitter @adam_otbfm