4AM in Ibiza (Rykers journey – chapter 5)

I kept seeing her lying there on the floor, covered in blood dying right in front of my eyes

The sun rises early in Ibiza, half 4 usually. But the sun wasn’t shining in my mind, not by a long shot.

There was no news report on the girl, nothing in the papers and nothing got mentioned. I certainly didn’t want to bring it into conversation, so I got on with things the best I could.

I tried convincing myself that when our form dipped slightly, going from 15 wins in the first 20, to 4 wins in the following 12 games, was down to anything other than my own problems in my mind. We had managed to maintain our position at the top of the league throughout and secured at least a play off place, top 6, by the end of March, with 6 to play

With 1 in the previous 5 we entertained Tarazona needing a win and other results to go our way on the day to confirm we’d won the league.

Despite being the in form team on the island, we just weren’t getting many fans in. This was as full as we got.

Our starting, and strongest 11 in my first season at CD Ibiza. Despite that recent form, we were always the best team in the league.

Tarazona might as well of stayed at home, so easy was the routine 4-0 win for us. An even game judging by the shots at goal, all 7 of ours on target, 1 of theirs on target.

The other teams played a day later than we did, so to kill the time I checked in on the youth team to see the stars of tomorrow. I didn’t know if I’d still be at the club when the youngsters make it to the first team, if they did, but there was some good players that season

Xisco Llabres and Joan Barcelo were the stand outs, and I made a mental note to get them integrated with the first team, whether we got promoted or not.

I kept seeing her lying there on the floor, covered in blood dying right in front of my eyes. But one thing I can’t see is the guys face. I knew he was there taunting me all the time, but in my minds eye I can’t picture his face, I just remember speaking to him. I kept thinking every time the phone rang, every time a door opened at the training ground it was going to be the police or some other unsociable giving me an ultimatum about the killing, but that didn’t happen.

We all went into the training ground the day after the Tarazona game to see if results would go our way, but unfortunately our promotion party would be delayed for at least another week, as Cerdanyola won their game 3-1. We were still top of the league on 69 points, 5 above Cerdanyola in second place, so anything other than 2 losses in the final 2 games would mean we’d be champions and promoted.

After the game we had a team meeting, nothing too full on it was more of an informal chat. I told the lads it’s in our hands to win the league, and I felt we wouldn’t be losing the next 2 games, but not to rest on our laurels. I wanted to win the league in our next game without any fuss.

The players all went away as I’d given them the next 3 days off to recharge and relax, and come back for our next game away at Pena Deportiva full of energy to win us the league title

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