The girl in the yellow dress (Rykers journey – chapter 4)

Don’t think about fucking her, that’s low, even for a sick bastard like you’ – The multi-lingual twat in the car park

I’d been in Ibiza 7 months by the time January had finished. Stumbling out of a run down watering hole known as the Queen Rick, no that’s not a typo, the owner is a member of the gay community, I sat down on a wall and thought to myself, life is good. I felt everything is looking up. Rodrigo and Diego’s son are banging goals in for fun. Chechu is improving every game, Marquinos on the left is looking less like the 35 year old winger he is and more like a rookie with pace to burn. Everything was going great.

After smiling to myself and feeling good about things, I headed for the spot where I parked my car, or thought I’d parked it, only to find a tall guy smoking with a bottle of some liquid in his hand. By the time I got closer to him he looked somewhat familiar, like I was sure I’d seen the face somewhere before. In my drunken state I didn’t have time to process it in my mind before he spoke

‘You took your time Scotty’ he said in English

‘Scotty? There’s a name I’ve not been called in a long time’

‘Seems your team are playing above and beyond what they were expected to be, almost as if you’re playing a game, no?

I just shrugged it off and said in French ‘Yeah summat like that ya’ prick’ hoping he wouldn’t understand me. How wrong I was.

‘I’m not a prick, I can be your best friend. I can open doors for you’

‘I’m fine thanks, I made it here by myself, I’ve taken my team all the way to the top of the league by myself, and I’ll…..’

The prick cut me off ‘That’s where you’re wrong. I’m sure you’ve clicked on but Ibiza can be a pretty shady place for the most part’

Trying and failing to sound shocked I replied, in French ‘Really? I thought everywhere had an open door policy on drugs and brothels?’

‘Let’s keep it English shall we, that way anyone over hearing us knows just what a fraud you are’

‘I resent that you piece of shit’

‘Listen, let’s take a step back. People are watching over you out here, making sure you don’t completely fuck it up’

‘What does that mean?’ I asked him, getting irritated by his lack of, well anything really.

At that moment another figure was walking past, a woman wearing a yellow dress and high heels, long brown hair and a nice rack on her. I could tell even in my drunken state she was a solid 8 at least, and she was walking towards me and the shady twat. As she got closer I could see a twinkle in her eyes, but at that very moment the man dove forward towards her and all I heard was an ear piercing scream from yellow dress. As the man stepped back I could see the blood pouring out of her mid section as she fell to her knees crying, and realising she was losing a lot of blood.

As I looked toward the man he threw something at me. Instinctively I reached out and caught it. The knife he’d just used to stab this poor woman.

‘Now you’re mine Scott. Your prints are all over that knife. And before you start, who are the police going to believe, a drunken idiot that’s been on coke and meth all day in you, or me, an innocent bystander that’s not had a drop of alcohol in him for years. Pass me the knife’

I gave him it back as the girl lay on the floor, the last breath finally leaving her body. The twat had the audacity to say ‘Don’t think about fucking her, that’s low, even for a sick bastard like you’

I thought that’s it, my life’s over. No one will believe me that I didn’t kill this girl, how could they? I was off my face on all sorts of gear and pissed out my brain on whatever I’d been drinking that night, stood in some car park. I was sure my extradition to prison in Madrid or somewhere else was coming, and in my panicked state I fled the scene.

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