Jimmy was sacked following the arrest. The Lampang chairman using the arrest as the official reason but it was felt the relegation was probably what did it.

During the last couple of hours, Jimmy and his new associate were discussing the terms of the deal that would see Jimmy avoid being remanded in prison and a long wait for a court date. During the talks a small man had joined the room and introduced himself as Somchai Tanprasert.

‘Try saying that after a few bevvie’s eh lads’ Jimmy remarked

Somchai didn’t react, but instead started talking to the officer in charge of the meeting ‘This is who you have got me?’

‘Yes, at short notice…’ he was cut off

‘Keep your excuses, I am not interested’

‘It’s only for 1 year unless, well, you know’

‘I do, money is tight right now. I guess I’ll see myself out’ He looked at Jimmy and the old man ‘Come, we have much to discuss’ and the new man lead them out.

A short drive later they arrived at a football stadium. ‘My club, Samut Songkhram. Any questions?’

‘Yeah, you’re not gonna threaten to chop off my extremely large cock if I relegate your team are you?’ Jimmy asked

‘Why would I do that?’

‘The last slanty eyed fucker that forced me to manage his club said he’d chop it off we got relegated’

‘And did he?’

Jimmy pulled his shorts & pants down, sort of swung his hips around so his anatomy was on show ‘No, he didn’t’

The chairman’s eyes widened as he said ‘Wow look at the size of that!! I see you weren’t lying’

‘I never lie pal’

After discussing penis sizes a little while longer, the old man who has so far accompanied Jimmy on this journey refusing to share his (the chairman got his out, Jimmy laughed) they found themselves in the chairman’s office, ready to talk details about Jimmy’s conditions.

The next meeting that took place was just between the chairman and Jimmy. The advocate had gone to get refreshments. ‘Firstly, I’m your new boss and you’re my new first team manager’

Jimmy shook his head and said reluctantly ‘Okay, and how bad are the team?’

‘So-so. We’ll finish in the bottom half, that’s being generous’

‘Great, another relegation on my already piss poor CV then’

‘Don’t be so negative just yet, the next part of the deal with the authorities is I am to appoint a director of football to oversee transfers and contracts’

‘Good, cos I know absolutely no one over here pal!’

‘Quite. Also, as you know they have appointed an advocate for the length of the agreement, he’s someone I have known for a while’

‘What’s he gonna do exactly?’

‘As I see things he’ll advise you on everything from training, squad management and that kind of thing, even what to do to do in your spare time, or in your case what not to do!’

‘Great, so I’ve got this old tit following me around and now I’m going to have another bell end watching me constantly??’

‘It’s not going to be forever, the other option is prison’

‘I guess’

‘My advice to you, after not knowing you at all, is that your best bet is to make the most of this opportunity you’ve been given. You’re going to have run everything by your advocate, but make it work and doors could open up for you elsewhere in the world. Look at it like an apprenticeship, he can guide you in a way’

‘I don’t think doors will open up if I’ve got some knob head watching my every move!’

‘For every negative there’s a positive. You never know this could be the best thing that could’ve happened to you’

‘Aye, guess we’ll see’

Next chapter – When life gives you lemons, throw them back. Lemons are a terrible gift.

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First chapter – When Saturday Comes – Part i


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