‘Jimmy, not being able to get it up after 5 days of taking pills, meth and whatever else we have done isn’t that big a deal’ she said to him

‘I know, I just wish it wasn’t your cock that wouldn’t get up’

‘You obviously don’t care about me being a trans woman and enjoy the rough fucking you give me and I give you, you’ve been to see me 10 times now’

’13. Not that I’m keeping count’

He gazed into her eyes as she tipped another bag of powder on to the table, racked it into even length lines and told him to go first. He did as she asked, and it only took 2 minutes, 3 at most before he got the hardest erection he’d ever had

‘Jesus fucking Christ Amber what the fuck is in that gear?!?’

‘I’m not sure exactly, it smells like rat poison though’ before Jimmy could speak she continued ‘A Chinese fella from the corner told me it would give me more stamina when I was complaining about the number of clients I was getting’

The look in Jimmy’s eye told her all she needed to know, as he ripped off his trousers, spun her around and mounted her. He gave her the hardest pounding he’d ever given any woman in his life, she swore he’d broke a bone or another body part.

Just at the point of climax, Jimmy grabbed her hair but as he did the door to the flat was burst open, with 4 armed police officers barging through shouting ‘GET ON THE GROUND’. As Amber shrieked and got up, 2 officers pounced on Jimmy, and as they did one get his face filled with the full load of Jimmy’s semen.

Jimmy was put in handcuffs and he was read the allegations. ‘You are arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking, money laundering and human trafficking. Anything you say..’ Jimmy cut him ‘HUMAN TRAFFICKING?!? The drugs and money yeah, but humans? Nah man I’ve from Edinburgh not fucking Glasgow!

One of the officers told another to write down what Jimmy had said. He was lead into the back of the paddy wagon, boxers shorts round his ankles and his now flaccid penis fully on show.

They left him in his cell for what seemed like days. He felt as rough as a badgers arse but that was down to the powder he sniffed that gave him his monster erection. Eventually he was summoned to an interview room where he was greeted by the older man that had accompanied him on the journey so far

‘I’ve got them to drop the human trafficking charge, Jonesy has confirmed he was brought here of his own accord’

‘I didn’t realise he was here with us?’

‘He was in the suitcase. Enough of that for now. They’re happy to not put you in prison, trust me, prison in Thailand is no joke. But they want a deal’

‘A deal? For what? I’ve not done anything!’

‘Actually, that powder you were sniffing was the ashes of the recently deceased Thailand Prime Minister’

‘No shit?’

‘No. He died of a Viagra overdose’

‘That figures’

‘The authority are willing to listen to a plea’

‘But I…’

He cut him off ‘It doesn’t matter. You’ve been framed’ he shook his head as he saw Jimmy about to speak ‘No, not like the TV show. You’ve been set up, you’re looking at 30 years minimum, the deal they’re offering is a 1 year contract at Samut Songkham’

Jimmy considered this for a minute ‘So to get me out of prison I’ve just got to be a manager at another football club? Sign me the fuck up!’

‘There is one other small itsy-bitsy caveat I’ve got to inform you of’

‘Well it can’t be any worse than prison can it?’

‘No, you’re right. At face value it doesn’t seem too bad’ he paused before continuing ‘The authorities want to appoint an agent to oversee your career for the next few years’

‘Few years?’

‘Yes, it says a number to be determined, at least between 2 and 15 years from date of acceptance’

’15 fucking years?!?’ Jimmy screamed, before taking a moment to think then said ‘Will it be a case of them telling me when and where I go, or actually managing on my behalf?’

‘I’m not sure, I have to get them to confirm exactly, but time isn’t on our side here, they want an answer by the end of the day, otherwise they’ll be putting you in jail here pending a court date, which if I know anything about Thai politics it could be a long time before your case even gets looked at by the part time pen pushers’

‘I’ve got no other choice have I’


Next chapter – Travelling for 1,000 days is better than sitting in prison for 1

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First chapter – When Saturday Comes – Part i


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