After hours upon hours on the Football Manager Editor we finally have the finished product. AFC Richmond has been introduced to Football Manager 2022 and sit in the Premier League – as they do in the TV Series – with the full squad that you’ll be able to see here. This website is where all the information came from to construct this editor file as well as many Twitter direct messages asking ‘will this be in’ and ‘have you remembered that this happened?’. Having only seen a few episodes of the show myself my knowledge of it is still not the best but I hope I have provided something that you will all enjoy. Make sure to look out for several easter eggs that I’ve hidden away!


Once downloaded you’ll need to unzip the file. Inside you’ll see the editor file (.fmf) as well as four folders entitled facepack, logos, 2d kits and 3d kits. These need to be inserted into the correct folders within your Football Manager directory. You’ll also find a thumbnail to use should you so wish and a large version of the logo in case you decide to create some content on AFC Richmond.

The .fmf file needs to be placed here:

Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\editor data

The remaining folders need to be placed here:

Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2022\graphics\AFC Richmond

You will need to create the ‘AFC Richmond’ folder within the graphics folder. Once this is done fire up Football Manager 2022 and ensure that the database is ticked before selecting leagues. When faced with the nation and league selection screen you tick add players to playable teams and leave do no add key staff unticked. This will save time in finding your own backroom staff if you don’t like that sort of thing.



Based on TV the show Ted Lasso

Editor Data by TarrantinoUX

Kits made by TarrantinoUX via FM Kit Creator

Faces made by KorkyBluesFC

Tested by Sier1994



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