Once again Jock was sat in the same bar as he was a few weeks ago, with some Spanish music being played on the radio there, and again he was talking to his best friend back home in Scotland. ‘Same as usual pal, sniffing lines and banging nines’ mainly, other than managing of course’ he said.

‘Sounds good, when can I come over?’ his friend replied. ‘Soon. I’ve only done 5 games you see, and we’ve won 4 of those. I’m doing alright, if I am relying on that groundskeeper to speak for me’

He was right. 4 wins from 5 and 1 draw really was good going for the rookie manager

It’s around this time we should go over the league rules in Mexico, Jock still doesn’t understand them completely, but here goes. In the league there are 2 stages, called opening and closing stage (real creative guys). Once the opening stage is done there are play offs to determine the winner of the opening stage. The same is done for the closing stage. If the winners of the opening and closing stages are different, then another game is played to determine the overall winner of the league. Still following? Good.

If the winners of both stages are the same, then they’re crowned overall winners and no need for the extra game. There is another issue with the league as well. The Mexican FA have banned all promotions and relegations for at least 3 seasons, so the winners of the league won’t go up, just like the bottom placed team in the Liga MX, the top division, won’t be relegated.

But as the weeks went by, Cancun kept picking up points and the team were responding to Jocks words and tactics, well they were at least responding to Hector, the translator’s words. This despite the lack of experience, tactical knowledge, and anything else related to being a football manager, Jock helped Cancun finish a respectable third in the Expansion League, picking up 10 wins along the way.

During this run, they played league favourites CF Atlante, who at the time of playing Cancun had a record of 13 played, 13 won

Delgadillo scoring again to ruin that 100% record. Almost perfect.

The good form meant they also finished in the aforementioned play off places, being drawn in the quarter final against Cimarrones de Sinaloa, who had handed Cancun one of their 4 losses so far.

But before we get to that, let’s just take a little look across the pond to England & the Premier League. Why? You’ll see why, it also involves Rangers. FUCK Rangers! Sorry, force of habit. That’s alright, let me continue.

So Liverpool first, let’s see how they’ve got on during the first 6 months of the new season.

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear. (Cheap Chuckle Brothers reference). That is not good viewing at all. They were actually 14th in the league at that point. Newcastle, who have bought Arron Ramsey and a few others absolutely decimated Liverpool there, and I’m tempted to log that 9-0 as a bug. A bug, as in a computer bug, I thought this was real life. Oh sorry, you wouldn’t understand. Okay, as we you were. Thanks. Anyway, not long after that Brighton game they sacked Klopp, unsurprising really.

So what has this got to do with Rangers? Can’t you see where this is going? No I can’t. Really, so Liverpool have sacked their manager and I’m telling you it’s got something to do with Rangers. Nope, canny see the link. Okay, go back to your drink, I’ll hold the fort here for now.

So as you’ve probably clicked on already valued reader, Rangers did indeed lose their manager to Liverpool. It was written in the stars, or something.

I’m no Liverpool fan, not by a long shot, but this makes for good reading, hence my putting it in here.

Now back to Mexico, and Jock’s team managed a hard fought 1-0 first leg win over Cimarrones to set up the second leg poised at 1-0. For what it’s worth, there are no away goals in this competition.

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