Our story begins in a place called Cancun, Mexico. A significant tourist and party destination whilst also being known as a drug trafficking hotspot. Oh wow so I won’t have to look far to get my fix? Enough of that please, at least lower the tone until we’re a bit further into the story. Okay. Like I’ve told you enough times before, some people won’t get your humor. Like who exactly? Well the people in Mexico won’t for a start. How do you know that, I’ve only just got here? You’ll find out in an upcoming part of the story, let me carry on. Okay, sorry. He does that sometimes, where was I? Oh yes so Cancun is home to a fairly new football club, aptly called Cancun FC, where our hero currently finds himself

On his first day in the role, he managed to meet his players for the first time as they were doing some warm up drills with the Cancun staff

‘Now lads, I’m Jock but just call me the boss. Right, who’s the best player out of you lot then? Jock asked the players that had huddled around him on the pitch

Silence. Not a peep. It then occurred to him that maybe not all of them actually speak English.

‘Here, me, show, you, how, to, play’ Jock then said in that stupid dumbed down tone English speakers use when talking to non English speakers. He picked up a ball, placed it down and hit a sweet looking shot into the top corner of a nearby net. ‘See, me, good, you, listen, and, win’

As he did an older looking man, mid 40’s perhaps, was stood laughing ‘Gringo, you good, now do that in match against Leon hahah’

‘Oh we do have an English speaker, tell me friend, what position do you play? Jock replied

‘Cut grass, do great job’

‘Well you can be my translator then’

‘Si amigo’

Jock took that, correctly, as yes. He told the groundkeeper he wants the team to have a quick game of attack and defend and asked them to organise themselves into positions, who plays attack and who plays defence.

They did as Jock had asked and surprisingly had a good game of football that ended 6-6. Afterwards Jock told the now new translator to let the team know he was pleased, and to add something that get on board

‘Tell them I was interviewed by Manchester City, oh no don’t say that they won’t believe it, how about a small team they’ll know, erm, tell them I turned down Tottenham Hotspur and, erm, a team from America…’ he racked his brain for a moment ‘Tell them I also said no to New York Galaxy FC to be here’



The translator then turned to the players and spoke. He turned and pointed a few times at Jock as he spoke. When he stopped speaking to the team, most of them all turned and stared wide eyed at their new boss.

‘You told them exactly what I told you to?’

‘Si amigo’

‘And they believed you?’

‘Si. They firmly on board with you now boss man’

Something tells me he’s lying.

Next chapter – Back to the Journey, Man – I don’t speak Mexican, I’m Scottish if you didn’t know

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First chapter – Back to the journey, man – Prologue part i


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