‘How ya’ pulled that one off Jocky lad?’ the older of the men asked

‘Easy, they saw in me an experienced coach, a calm individual and source of inspiration and tactical knowledge’

‘You’re so full of shit, really though how have you done this?’

‘Here, I’ll show you’ the younger of the 2 men replied, and pulled out a piece of crumpled up paper. Written on there was a hand written note:

Dear Mr Chairman,
My name is Jock McGhee. I am a former footballer turned manager. Under my guidance as club captain of the famous Cumbernauld Colts FC we raced through the leagues securing promotion after promotion, and were one step away from hitting the big time of the Scottish League Two, when disaster struck. I was cruelly and unfairly tackled from behind whilst on my way to scoring the winning goal in the Cumbernauld Classic, a tie between the world renowned Cumbernauld Colts and those inbred twats from East Stirling. The injury was a double meniscus tear and a torn ACL, and my trophy laden career as a player was over.

Flawlessly transitioning into management, I took the reigns of Loch Ness FC one year after my injury and took them to back to back promotions. Despite narrowly missing out on promotion to the big leagues in Scotland on technicalities both times, I am applying for the role of manager at your great club. I bring a wealth of experience and tactical knowledge, and can see me building your club into a dynasty.
Yours respectfully, Jock McGhee

‘Cumbernauld Colts?!? Is that even a real team?’

‘Sure is kidda’

‘And Loch Ness, back to back promotions?! HAHAHAH’ the older of the men couldn’t stop himself from laughing

‘Told you I blagged it’

‘Real talk now, can you even point to Mexico on a map?’

‘Aye a can, it’s near..’ Jock mubled under his breath

‘Near where Jock?’

‘America, it’s near America’ Jock replied triumphantly

‘Well yeah it is, but have you even ever been to Mexico?’

‘Once, went with the old man before he went to the shops for smokes and never came back’

‘Right, but what about the club what do you know?’

‘They need a manager, well not anymore bonny lad’ Jock said with a smile on his face. The older man sighed, rolled his eyes and said ‘let me look into them a minute’

A few moments passed and he started laughing ‘What have you got yourself into here pal, this team’s absolutely shite! Here let me read this to you. Founded 16 months ago after Chiapas FC relocated to the city of Cancun’

‘There’s nout wrong with that, Cancun’s a great place, loads of parties an’ that going on’ Jock protested

‘I hadn’t finished. Due to constant financial mismanagement, allegations of match fixing and bribes, former chairman Miguel Sanchez Flores, of Argentina was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment upon dissolution of the club. The new club had secured it’s place in the Expansion League, the second division of Mexican football, only due to the Mexican FA’s decision to suspend promotions and relegations for 3 years, with the possibility of 5′

‘Ah so not that bad then’

‘Dunno, on Oddschecker they’re favourites to finish bottom of the league again’

Jock’s face took a turn. He looked part confused and part upset. ‘Ahh it’ll be canny like I’ll kick them into gear’

‘Listen, I’m your mate, your best pal, but I have to say you’ve bitten off more than you can chew here’

‘Behave, you’re making me blush’ he waited a moment before continuing ‘Besides, your counsel will come in handy, seeing as how you’re coming with me’

‘Like hell I am! I’ve got plenty left in the tank, and I’ve just signed a new deal for a year’

‘Bugger, I didn’t think of that. Anyway I need to do something in football don’t I, it’s my life. There was nothing at home for me’

‘What did you do, just click the apply all button at the bottom and accepted the first job that came up?’

‘Nah, there was more to it than that’

The older man, Dean Hoskins who is Jock’s best friend, just looked at Jock and said ‘Just go, see how it pans out, and in a years time we’ll see what happens. Anyway, you don’t speak Spanish do you?’

‘Nah, how hard can it be? All the Gringo’s speak English anyway don’t they. I’ve committed to it now, and this is just the start I think I needed. I will become United manager you know!’

‘Hahaha that’s funny, you’re getting nowhere near that Dundee job. You’re about to pack your bags for Mexico pal, you were irrelevant yesterday and when you stuff it there you’re gonna be even more irrelevant’ he said with a laugh before continuing ‘Oh and 1 last word of advice, Gringo’s is what they call anyone not Hispanic, so I wouldn’t go saying that around there if I were you, which thankfully I’m not’

‘Whatever, I’ll prove you wrong. I’ll prove everyone wrong. Before long when you’ve hung up your boots and in my position now you’ll be begging me for a job’.

That was where the conversation ended between Jock McGhee and Hoskins, and now our story can begin proper.

Next chapter – Back to the Journey, Man – Tiempo de fiesta en Cancun

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