For the first time ever I’m releasing a pack of all of the views I use in Football Manager. I’ve been using a Widescreen monitor since 2019, originally because I thought the 3D Match Engine would look great on it, but then I realised how much more information I could put into each screen with the extra space. Since then I haven’t seen anybody release a pack of views specifically for a widescreen resolution, so here are mine!


Squad View
Squad DNA View
Metrics View (Useful for exporting data)
Selection Info View (For the Tactics screen)
Match Day View (For the Team Selector screen)
Player Search View
Staff Search View
Development View (For Dev Centre overview screen)
Schedule View

Please Note: These views were all designed to be used at 2560×1080 resolution with 100% zoom. They will work with other resolutions and zooms, but all columns may not be visible without scrolling.



If these views are of interest to you, click the shiny button below to download the On the Break Views Megapack. Once downloaded, extract the files and place them in Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2022 > Views. If the Views folder doesn’t exist, you’ll need to create one to place the files in. From there, go into the game and select Import View to select them from the list.

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