‘This isn’t a new beginning, it’s more like a fresh start’

‘Who are you talking to?’ she asked me

‘Oh no one in particular dear’ I replied

She just shook her head with that beautiful face of hers and said ‘You’re playing that stupid football thingy aren’t you’

‘It’s all I ever do, well apart from working a million hours a week, father our 3 kids, look after our 4 dogs and when time allows and you’re in the mood for…’ she cuts me off

‘Don’t say it. Just go back to your words, numbers and those stupid little dots that you’re always raving about’

‘Sorry love, but that stupid little dot with the number 37 in it has just scored an absolute belter of a goal, and I need to see the dots so I can see exactly how many passes were made before Ivan bagged his 15th of the season’

That shut her up, now where was I? Oh yeah, so apparently FM22 is just around the corner, and with it brings new excitement, new features and even less time to have a social life.

This post is just a quick one to point out my upcoming saves for the new game in a few weeks, of which can be found here on the site.

I’ve got a couple of ideas in mind for my long term save, we all have that ‘one’ save that consumes us so I’m hoping I can find the one in FM22. So without further ado, my first blog save on FM22 is going to be none other than the (drum roll please….)

Hall of Fame achievement hunter challenge!

What’s the Hall of Fame achievement hunter challenge Jock, I hear you cry? Well I’m glad you asked dear reader. The Hall of Fame challenge is simple in it’s aims, start with no badges or experience and the challenge is done when you top the hall of fame. Easy as pie.

The achievement hunter is user defined really. I outline a set of aims, or achievements, and throughout the save I aim to get these achievements. So in all I have to top the half of fame whilst getting a host of achievements. Still following? Good. After deliberating with myself for a long time (15 minutes) here’s the list of 42 achievements I’ve decided are firstly achievable (pardon the pun) and something that will take long enough to keep the save interesting:

I am also going to be putting some other aims, or guidelines to be more specific. I like the club vision thing so I want to be build on that, as well as those little boxes on the manager profile screen that displays your tends to & tends not to stats. So with those in mind I would like to, where possible, stick to these things at each club:

Play either a 4-4-2 or 4-1-4-1

Direct counter attacking style

Work on set pieces in training, with team instruction to play for set pieces and in any interviews if it’s available I will always say I want to be a threat from set pieces

Use a target man

These are the things I would like to see pop up on my profile after how ever many years in game.

I am going to aim for this HOF / Achievement hunter save to be a long term one which should cover most of the FM22 lifespan. If it does and I actually top the hall of fame, or any other reason it should end, the next blog I will be posting will be one of the following:

British & Irish steel challenge

Pentagon challenge

Building a nation challenge

Scandinavia challenge

The first post of the Hall of Fame Achievement Hunter will be up when the beta goes live whenever that will be.

Until then happy FM’ing!

First chapter- Back to the journey, man – Prologue part i

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