With FM22’s release date announced, it was clear that I needed to speed up the Journeyman save, with roughly 7 weeks until BETA, we’re against the clock.

So with that in mind, I started looking around to see if there was anything of interest. There were quite a few Belgian clubs, Westerlo took a particular interest, along with Polish side, Lechia Gdansk. I applied for many to no avail but these two mentioned offered me interviews, with Westerlo being 2.5* rep I felt they were the more likely due to our rep still only being around 1.5*, a £2.12 million transfer budget would’ve been available at the Belgian outfit too! However, 3* side Lechia Gdansk stepped forward.

It was a no brainer. League winners in the first season and the 3rd best side in Poland according to the preview, having just played in the EURO Cup 2 this season, it ticked all the boxes. Struggling down in 10th this season, we’ve joined them at the winter break, meaning plenty of friendlies and a chance for people to impress.

£570,000 in the transfer budget and a huge £7.5 million in the bank, it’s certainly a step-up from Fahm. This leap itself has given us a rep boost, going from 25% to 35% and nearly having a full 2 stars. On top of us still studying for our Continental C licence, we could be around 2.5* ourselves by the end of the season.


As mentioned, we’re at one of the better sides in Poland, besides familiar names Legia and Lech the media has us down as the best team, a best of the rest type club.

With that has brought some very good players, a big step up from the quality we had over in Israel. The star man is full-back Karol Fila, the Polish 23-year-old is fantastic, quality going forward and defensively technically, mentals are so well rounded on top of brilliant composure and determination and physically strong too. A very exciting player.

On the other side at full-back we have Frenchman Vincent Le Goff, an experienced head at 32, but still fantastic as a full-back, physicals are exceptional for his age and another really good full-back capable of going forward.

To score the goals, it’s a Brazilian up-top, Guilherme Schettine (I’m glad I’m writing this not streaming it because I have no clue how to say either of those). His off the ball is slightly concerning as I feel it’s an important attribute this year for strikers, but still plenty to like about the 26-year-old. Just about every other attribute is 12 and above, I feel like we should definitely be seeing plenty of goals to come.

The system

I wanted to move away from a traditional 4-2-3-1, so we’ve gone a bit left field, but it’s a system I’ve used a fair amount across the past couple editions of Football Manager.

It’s a very positive formation, I want to make the most of our full-backs and I think this allows us to do just that, both wingers are inverted allowing space for the full-backs to bomb forward, while in possession the half back will drop between the CB’s to create a back 3. Both CB’s have the instruction to stay wider when we have possession, allowing that half back to drop and create that 3. The 2 roles in the middle will be the ones that potentially get changed. It could be a CM (D) or even changed to a BWM, while the MEZ may move to either a DLP or AP.

As a better side in the division, I wanted to try and dominate the ball and play, make the most of our threats while not focusing too much on the opposition. With plenty of friendlies ahead it’ll give the team a chance to hopefully build some familiarity to the system.


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